Raising Caring Kids


Raising Caring Kids is a free, 16-week, digital newsletter for parents and caregivers of 1st-5th graders about how to build children’s social and emotional learning. Social and emotional learning teaches “skills that enable children to calm themselves when angry, initiate friendships and resolve conflicts respectfully, make ethical and safe choices, and contribute constructively to their community.” (The Positive Impact of Social and Emotional Learning for Kindergarten to 8th Grade Students, PDF)

Raising Caring Kids newsletter teaches a different social and emotional learning competency. The articles briefly describe research behind these skills, provide ideas for practicing social and emotional skills at home, and link to additional family-friendly resources.

The Content

Week 1: What’s In a Face?

Week 2: etc.

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Raising Caring Kids was designed to be delivered to elementary school parents. School principals, school counselors, or school professionals are invited register via the following link. Once registered, you will receive an email with instructions on how to deliver Raising Caring Kids in your school.



  • University of Wisconsin – Extension Institute of Human Development and Family Relationships
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction


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