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If you would like to contact us about the parenting newsletters, you can email us at:

Get Involved in this Project

Perhaps you would like to join our effort to help children, parents and families. We do good work, and we could use your help! Here are some ways you could help.

  1. Spread the word about our Parenting Site. Perhaps you know a new or soon-to-be parent. A parent can never have too much quality information on how to raise a child.
  2. Work with others in your community to start distribution of these newsletters to new parents. We have helped over 80 local distribution systems get started in several states, sometimes delivering the newsletters be mail, sometimes by Internet, sometimes both ways (at the parent's preference). Write or email us if you'd like to hear more about how others have distributed the newsletters, and how you could too.
  3. Invest in a part of this project that you feel strongly about. Perhaps there is a particular issue that you are concerned about: child abuse prevention; or encouragement of breast feeding; or teaching parents how to set limits and guide their children effectively; or developing early literacy and thinking skills. One family who received the Parenting the First Year series donated $10,000 to help us produce a new series for the prenatal months called Preparing to Parent. Other families and organizations have contributed money to help us expand distribution to more families. This project may provide a way for you to help create the kind of future you believe in.